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Re: vps

     On Mon, 5 Apr 2010 11:34:24 +0800 DC <newswiki@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>thanks for the replies, that's totally true it's certain that they
>will give me that "bait and switch" treatment. the reason im getting
>that cheap vps is some sort of a learning environment. im totally
>starting from scratch here, knowing nothing from vps to unix. so im
>not losing that much with a cheap vps if every thing goes down every
>now and then.
>but as soon as i successfully install and run exit node and specially
>how to secure those datas/logs out from the reach of everyone then i
>will move immediately to a more expensive vps.
>hoping while im still learning somehow someone have the patience to guide me.

     If you're looking for a truly easy way to get started, I'd like to
recommend you take a look at PC-BSD 8.0 (see www.pcbsd.org).  It seems
to take most people, beginners included, about 20 minutes to install and
get running.  A couple of days ago, a new book by Dru Lavigne was announced
on the freebsd-announce list.  I'll try to forward you a copy of the
announcement off this list.

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