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Re: [or-talk] where are the exit nodes gone?

Scott Bennett schrieb:

>      Observed by what?  If it has anything to do with the numbers
>  given in the consensus documents, then the only value such graphs
> would have would be for the purpose of comparing those graphs with the
> values reported by the relays themselves.  The values in the consensus
> documents alone are, a priori, worthless.

yes, the max and the burst bandwidth are not so much worth for statistic
purposes. As I mentioned some says ago, "MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 2500 KB"
config option leads to an real average bandwidth (measured by mrtg) of
about 16000 KB on blutmagie exit. A higher MaxAdvertisedBandwidth value
is killing the cpu with the number of new conns/s.

Is it possible to use the average observed bandwidth reported by the
relays? Knowing the number of exit relays doesn't help very much without
knowing about the total provided bandwidth.

regards Olaf
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