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Re: huge pages, was where are the exit nodes gone?

Scott Bennett wrote:

>      Now that you've had tor running for a while, what does a
> "cat /proc/meminfo | grep -i hugepage" show you?  Also, 126 such pages
> equal 256 MB of memory.  Is that really enough to hold your entire tor
> process when it's going full tilt?  I thought I had seen you post items
> here in the past that said it was taking well over 1 GB and approaching
> 2 GB.

tor process crashed with out of memory error ;-)
Apr 13 11:06:39.419 [err] Out of memory on malloc(). Dying.

After restarting the tor process HugePages_Total and HugePages_Free
still had a value of 126, so I assume tor didn't use them. Eventually I
disabled them.

cheers Olaf
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