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Re: PrivacyNow is a BadExit (was Re: PrivacyNow node has misconfigured OpenDNS account)

     On Fri, 16 Apr 2010 00:04:06 -0400 zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx
top-posted (again, please stop doing that):
> Scott Bennett wrote:
> "That is why tor is distributed with a complete set of documentation."
>Okay, great. I will read it but all I have in my Home Folder, in Library,=
> is Vidalia. In earlier versions, there used to be folders for Tor, Privox=
>y and Vidalia,=20
>so where do I find this documentation? I kept assuming you were referring=
> to The Onion Router.doc but now I'm guessing you're not.
     In your tor distribution, there should be a "doc" directory.  The
stuff you're looking for is all in the subdirectories called "design-paper",
"spec", and "website", although there are also three man pages and a couple
of .txt files in the doc directory itself.

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