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Consider traffic before setting AccountingStart in the middle of an accounting period.

Dear Tor folks,

my server plan only includes 1 TB of traffic. Since traffic increased
quite a bit during the last few days [1] I have to limit the volume to
not go bankrupt.

In `man torrc` [2] I found AccountingMax and AccountingStart. My
accounting starts let us say at April 2nd and I just set
Accounting{Max,Start} and reloaded Tor on April 12th.

Will Tor consider traffic before in its accounting? That information is
quite crucial to me.



[1] http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com/router_detail.php?FP=b3ec1bf5d7f7d724ba634d91be5d22d2d7a70160
[2] http://www.torproject.org/tor-manual.html.en

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