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Re: Firefox configurations for tor with Mac ppc

zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Here are a few configs (firefox-windows vs. mac), that are different and
> I'm wondering if I should change them?


> network.proxy.http                 my mac is localhost
> network.proxy.socks            my mac is local host
> network.proxy                         my mac is localhost


I'll let others respond to other configuration differences, but for what
is listed above, you should know that localhost and are two
different ways of referring to the same thing.  (It is an IP address
that allows different programs on your computer to talk to each other
using Internet Protocol.)  So what you've listed above is not really a
difference, so there is no need to change those.  (I am assuming you
simply made a typo on the second line and on your computer "localhost"
actually is one word.)

Also, would you be so kind in future posts to put your responses *below*
what you are responding to, like I have done in this email and like most
posts you see on this list?  It really does make reading the posts
*much* easier. (As such, it probably also increases the chance that
somebody will reply.)  -- Thanks.


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