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Re: Tor is out


On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 3:13 AM, Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Tor addresses the recent connection and memory overload
problems we've been seeing on relays, especially relays with their DirPort
open. If your relay has been crashing, or you turned it off because it
used too many resources, give this release a try.


Changes in version - 2010-04-24
Âo Major bugfixes:
 Â- Teach relays to defend themselves from connection overload. Relays
  Ânow close idle circuits early if it looks like they were intended
  Âfor directory fetches. Relays are also more aggressive about closing
  ÂTLS connections that have no circuits on them. Such circuits are
  Âunlikely to be re-used, and tens of thousands of them were piling
  Âup at the fast relays, causing the relays to run out of sockets
  Âand memory. Bugfix on (where clients started tunneling
  Âtheir directory fetches over TLS).

Âo Minor features:
 Â- Finally get rid of the deprecated and now harmful notion of "clique
  Âmode", where directory authorities maintain TLS connections to
  Âevery other relay.
 Â- Directory authorities now do an immediate reachability check as soon
  Âas they hear about a new relay. This change should slightly reduce
  Âthe time between setting up a relay and getting listed as running
  Âin the consensus. It should also improve the time between setting
  Âup a bridge and seeing use by bridge users.
 Â- Directory authorities no longer launch a TLS connection to every
  Ârelay as they startup. Now that we have 2k+ descriptors cached,
  Âthe resulting network hiccup is becoming a burden. Besides,
  Âauthorities already avoid voting about Running for the first half
  Âhour of their uptime.

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Kobe Young