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[tor-talk] WebbasedOS hidden service

I'm thinking of setting up a webbased os within an hidden service. What I'm thinking of is having 10 accounts (or more/less depending on server load) which are publicly accesable and have a shared storage (i.e. people can save documents/files but they are visible to others), and an option to use bitcoins to have a private (encrypted) storage space as well.
People should be able to create encrypted containers (both within shared as in private storage), files in private storage would be deleted on a fifo (or last accesed) basis when space is running out. What the server should provide is at least: office (documents, spreadsheats etc.) mail (maybe make accounts on server? ) chat (irc and other common protocols). And maybe the ability to set up and use one time bitcoin accounts or stuff like that. It's of course of major importance that users should not be able to see activity of others, nor that I as administrator could see that (except excessive server/bandwidth load)

The most important considerations are: server load and bandwidth load, my server is not unlimited in it's cpu and memory (hdd usage is less of a problem) and the bandwidth available on the tor network (mine is not a problem) might prohibit a system that is responsive enough.

Why do I want to do this ? I believe that everybody, especially political dissidents, should have the ability of working in a clean, non monitored, non traceable and beyond plausible deniability space.
I would however add a disclaimer that I don't want it to be used for childporn/snuff-stuff (or other things of extreme questionable morals) and that I count on the honesty of the users to stay within these bounds.

People think this is a good idea ? And maybe have tips to wich webbased os distros are suitable (I prefer things that run with the least required components within an encrypted jail) and how to set it up ?


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