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Re: [tor-talk] geocaching.com and okcupid.com doesn't allow access via TOR

> OKCupid doesn't allow you to log in. The error is "password invalid".

I can confirm as of last weekend that OKCupid does in fact allow
all functions from account creation, to usage, to deletion, via Tor.
HOWEVER, on depending on the exit, you will be outright blocked
from the site and presented with their form of an error message...
"Uh-oh. That wasn’t supposed to happen! Let us know what you did,
and we’ll get it fixed right away. Thanks! — Staff Robot"
Just hit NEWNYM.

OKCupid is a working candidate for HttpsEveryWhere.

I would also suggest using MAPADDRESS for any site that
acts up based on exit, or for which you wish to appear as
coming from a sensible/matching location.

I further suggest that you review and support/endorse this
ticket to give you better MAPADDRESS capabilities:
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