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[tor-talk] With a Massive Hardware Hack, Libyan Rebels Hijack Disabled Cell Phone Network

Apologies in advance.  This is not directly related to Tor.  However,
it's inspiring and is related to the circumvention of bad actors
attempting to restrict people's communication.  And, maybe they did use
Tor, too! ;-)


The Wall Street Journal today brings us an amazing story of a few smart
engineers, a couple of big-money backers, and one enormous hardware
hack. But todays tale of Libyan rebels and a few international telecom
experts hijacking the Libyana cellphone service from strongman Col.
Moammar Gadhafis government isnt just another chapter in an ongoing
story. Its poignant--perhaps even prescient--reminder of the way 21st
century technology is reshaping the geopolitical landscape.

Since Irans Twitter Revolution and Egypts successful ouster of former
president Hosni Mubarak (largely organized via social networking tools),
plenty has been written about the role of social media in political
revolution and freedom on the whole. But social media relies on the Web,
and in cases of revolution dictatorial regimes often do what they do
best: they pull the levers of power, in this case the lever that shuts
down the Web.

Full article:

Referenced Wall Street Journal article:

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