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[tor-talk] tor-talk messages suddenly filtered by provider

In the last week, * SOME * of the tor-talk msgs started getting filtered as spam. I changed nothing, so GMX must've changed their filters / software. Never happened before now & never when list was at seul.org.

I can't see any diff in msgs that get filtered & ones it still lets through. One that gets filtered may be by same person on follow up to same topic, where earlier msg didn't get filtered.

I was told creating custom filters to allow msgs to come through in email settings, do NOT work on the Spam folder, once messages are already marked. Although, when I log into web mail & MANUALLY run the filters on the spam folder, it'll move all that fit the filters to inbox. But, it keeps filtering some & only delivers a notice thru POP3 that there are new spam messages. So, filters aren't working consistently on their own.

I'm not sure how to get around it. Not feasible to add actual email addresses to white list. Any ideas?
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