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Re: [tor-talk] Anonymity projects on Facebook :)

I don't believe any of the Facebook ones are official. I mean, I could
be be wrong, but as for the Tor one, it's Tor, not TOR. Tor has
several mailing lists (this is the main one for regular users) and an
IRC channel: #tor on oftc.

I believe i2p has an official forum.
It is also accessible from within i2p itself, which, if I remember
correctly, is:

However, if you are using Facebook with Tor, or any other anonymizing
proxy, I would advise you to force SSL with Noscript. NoScript Options
> Advanced > HTTPS
Add facebook.com and www.facebook.com, on separate lines, to the Force
https list. Facebook does not offer encryption for apps, so if that is
important to you, you may wish to add apps.facebook.com to the never
force list, although doing so would compromise your security. If you
do not care about Facebook apps, you could put apps.facebook.com on
the force list, which would break it, but prevent you from accessing
it accidentally. You could also enable the Facebook preference to
force https, but know that you will be asked to disable the option
should you wish to use Facebook apps.

I would also suggest that you get the AdBlockPlus Antisocial list to
prevent Facebook from tracking you while you visit other websites. You
may also wish to add facebook.net (appears to be used only on external
sites, not on facebook.com itself) to your noscript.untrusted.

On 22/04/2011, grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Are any of these official? Are there others?
> Note some of the other interesting groups linked from these pages.
> And of course... +1 :)
> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=29572092848
> http://www.facebook.com/pages/TOR-The-Onion-Router/14127357299
> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phantom-Anonymity-Protocol/133653360007773
> http://www.facebook.com/GetI2P
> Is there a mailing list for I2P?
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