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[tor-talk] [OT] Gmail, lol

Got this new militant full screen at login today. Used to be
only a popup nagging.
Never mind that the password is locally backed up and encrypted.
Nor that SSL is in use preventing, ooo, hijacking, lol :)
Somehow I suspect those of us having legacy accounts
and refusing to link a phone number to them will be without
an account in the not too far off future. Oh well.
At least they're cutely honest with their behind the scenes
deviousness... 'to verify your identity', heh :)

Hey, this is important: Add a phone to your account
Without a phone number, you could *lose*all*access*to*your*account* if
you forget your password or if your account is hijacked. Learn more
Phone number (mobile or landline)
Google will only use your phone number to verify your identity-never
to send you unwanted messages.
Click here to skip adding a phone number to your account.
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