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Re: [tor-talk] Better Privacy for Tor Node Operators

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, tagnaq wrote:

As a tor user you gain anonymity - as a Tor node operator you loose

I would call this a valid statement under certain circumstances.

The positive site effect of a dynamic IP address (lease <1d or even <1w)
is, that your IP is of less use to people trying to track you based on
your IP address.

If you run a Tor node at your home IP address you will loose the

Running a Tor node is an all or nothing proposition - either you accept fully the ramifications of a personal identifier (no matter how flawed it is) being tied to this subversive activity FOR ALL TIME, or you don't.

If you don't, you have options - prepaid visa cards, coffee shop wifi, throwaway yahoo accounts, etc. You can get that Tor node up and running in a completely untraceable manner without much fuss.

OTOH, if you _do_ accept it, then by all means, run Tor from your home Internet connection.

But the middle ground is off limits - you do not run Tor from a personally attached Internet connection and then:

a) complain about the ToS that YOU signed off on (a common thread here)

b) come up with lame workarounds in a misguided attempt to somehow otpimize this situation.
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