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Re: [tor-talk] sftp sites?


Udo van den Heuvel wrote (29 Apr 2011 15:42:09 GMT) :
> Would torified untracable chrooted sftp things be of any use for
> valid purposes?


> Disk can be encrypted locally, tor network is encrypted, sftp encrypts
> the rest. user can encrypt files as well.

Last time I tried, combining Tor + sftp mounted by GNOME's "Connect to
server" worked quite well. Inserting transparent encryption into the
loop was a failure (very poor robustness, much too frequent
disconnects), but I only tried gvfs-fuse + cryptkeeper (EncFS).

I don't know if the root cause of the failure I faced was the slowness
of Tor vs. lack of robustness of the tools, the depth of the stack,
any used component or a combination thereof.

In any case, I doubt Tor itself was the root cause of failure, so this
is getting a bit off-topic IMHO. I'd be happy to hear (off-list?) of
better results achieved by others.

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