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Re: [tor-talk] access sites

On Thu, Apr 05, 2012 at 03:57:55AM +0300, Maxim Kammerer wrote:

> Table 2 (with Germany at the top) in [1] does seem to suggest that
> âPrivacy enthusiastsâ represent a significant proportion of Tor users.
> Perhaps a 2nd place is deserved (higher than the âLooniesâ) in the
> estimated breakdown above. I would also place human rights activists
> somewhere at the bottom of the list. The âMilitariesâ section on the
> âTor usersâ page is most likely completely phony, though.

With more and more countries passing data retention legislation lately
you can expect that Tor usage will change considerably from month to

By the way, good to see a fan of the Strugazkis on this list.
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