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Re: [tor-talk] access sites

> The Tor Project site has a rather pathetic (although quite extensive
> and doubtless useful for propaganda purposes) "Who Uses Tor?" section
> [1], a typical example of what I would call âWestern sanctimonyâ.

> I
> wonder
> whether anyone ever attempted to gather some actual
> representative statistics
> of Tor users, perhaps via a survey.

A survey doesn't make much sense either. It's never really representative. Not all people participate and those who are up to something most likely also abstain from it.

Exit node sniffing is also not very effective due to https everywhere and end-to-end encryption for .onion.

Google and perhaps the hidden wiki are in power to do an interesting, but still not representative statistic.

> I would
> expect a rough top of the list
> as follows:

I wonder how you come to that list.

>   * Circumventing a state-wide firewall
>   * Paranoid people

> in developed countries

Didn't you miss warez downloading to complete your list to label all Tor users as evil people?

>   * Small-scale trading of illegal drugs
>   * Viewing
> images and videos of pedophilia

Those are not Tor users, those are Tor abusers.

I wonder how much they are in reality, we'll never know.

However, I wonder how YOU come to talk about Tor so badly? I mean, you help to promote Tor through your own Tor live CD.

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