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Re: [tor-talk] SAFECOOKIE

> Starting the Anonymous Relay Monitor (arm) which I run as a front-end to
> keep check on things, it complains with
> the following: Unrecognized authentication type: SAFECOOKIE.. And yes I do
> have CookieAuthentication as a setting in my torrc, so what else needs to
> be done..?

'Safe cookie' is a new controller authentication method that nothing
yet supports (and probably won't for a long while since it's
considerably harder than either of the prior auth methods). I have a
plan to add support for it to stem...

Then, when arm is migrated to stem, we'll have support for this.
However, this probably won't happen for a long while (many months). In
the meantime I would suggest using password authentication. There
should be a torrc option for using normal cookie auth but I'm not
spotting it offhand...

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