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Re: [tor-talk] Download manager

From: "Joe Btfsplk" <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx>

On 4/10/2012 9:32 AM, Tor User0000 wrote:

I think the most annoying thing using TOR are failed downloads. :-(

You try to download a 5MB file and the download stops various times and you
have to start over and over again, crossing all fingers to get the file
As Firefox does not support very good download management, its a pain to
download even small files with TOR.

Is there any add-on or app that can be used without been concerned about
security (Linux)?
I just want a working resume function, nothing else.
I'd be leery of stand alone download mgrs w/o thorough research. Some have been identified as adware, spyware. A "safe" one wouldn't be phoning home for any reason unless directed to. Meaning, you could turn off updates, etc.

I can't say 100% it would never compromise Tor anonymity, but I've used DownThemAll addon for Firefox for a long time & it's extremely popular. Maybe others can comment if there's a chance it could violate privacy using Tor / TBB.

GNU WGET is 100% safe.

Multi-AV Scanning Tool - http://multi-av.thespykiller.co.uk

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