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Re: [tor-talk] SafeCookie / ARM

> SafeCookie is making Tor choke with or without the normal Cookie
> authentication setting..

Evidently telling tor to use cookie auth makes it accept both normal
and safe cookie auth, triggering this issue.

> Fantastic.. However though, how do I get it to work again.. I used to have a
> pkg installed & could just run ARM as a _tor user but now from the git clone
> I did an install into /usr/share/arm/ but I've no clue how to get it to
> work.. Pls forgive my stupidity in this but I've never ever worked with
> Python before..

No worries. It's very easy, in the package that you cloned simply run
'sudo ./install'.

atagar@morrigan:~/Desktop$ cd arm
atagar@morrigan:~/Desktop/arm$ sudo ./install

That will copy the resources to /usr/share/arm.

Cheers! -Damian
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