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Re: [tor-talk] Restarting Firefox

> We make an assumption that if you are running some sort of
> unix, you
> can handle your package management system, or compile from source,
> and
> edit the torrc file.

No good assumption. Using unix doesn't make you a geek. Ubuntu is one of the most widespread AND newbie friendly distribution. Computers come preinstalled with Ubuntu.

> If you are on Windows, we don't have a solution yet for running TBB and
> Tor as a service. Well, to be more clear, we have the solution in
> randomizing
> ports, but Windows' anti-virus/anti-malware programs think
> tor is malware
> in this state for some silly reason. So because of these
> anti-user programs,
> Windows' users suffer for now.

Why does it have to be a random port? Why not pick a fixed one? TBB and Tor could use different ports by default.

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