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[tor-talk] No Browser, ContactInfo rewrites?

[TBB 2.2.35-8 running on Vistax64, with bridge enabled] So, earlier I
noticed a lot of continuous traffic in the Bandwidth Graph, and
ContactInfo in torrc being rewritten periodically:
"ContactInfo <address> gpg 0xXXXXXXXX" going to variations of

ContactInfo "\"\\\"\\\\\\\"<address> gpg 0xXXXXXXXX\\\"\""

The other thing that's happened is that the browser has disappeared, but
vidalia is still running, and the Message Log shows nothing amiss.

All this during the last 8 hrs or so when the only country reported in
the Bridge Usage Summary was China. (Which I'm suspicious of; usually
over 8 hrs a lot of countries show up in the summary.)

I didn't see any new processes running; cpu load was normal. netstat and
the security log of my browser/router don't show any alarms, not that
I'm very good at recognizing problems there. A partial scan of my
machine (haven't had time to run a full) shows nothing.

Unless I'm misreading a coincidence, I finally stopped the rewriting of
torrc and the high BW use by rebooting the modem gateway, but the
browser is still gone.

I'm going to restart Tor; in the meanwhile, has anyone seen this sort of
disappearance of the browser in TBB? Does the rewriting of ContactInfo
indicate intrusion, or just some screw-up of my own doing? - eliaz
gpg: 0xE498E90D

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