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Re: [tor-talk] Tor transparent proxy leaks?

I don't know where to start. This Transparent Proxy wiki article needs a
revision pointing out it's limitations.

When that article was written I presume many things we know nowadays
weren't known at that point. Just some buzz words:

- identity correlation through circuit sharing
- evercookies, browser fingerprinting
- protocol leaks

I presume you want to improve security? Lower the possibility for leaks?
Use not-so-common applications over Tor without configuring each
individual one?

It's not as simple as setting up a Transparent Proxy (anymore). If you
want more applications, securely over Tor, this needs some more thought.
The whole concept has to be designed with anonymity/privacy/security in

Look into:
- Whonix
- Physical Isolation
- Tails
- Liberte Linux

No one stopping you from creating a custom solution, just pointing out
that's it not that simple to do safely.
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