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Re: [tor-talk] NSA supercomputer

 ill really try not to go conspiracy crazy... but that is always a risk
when discussing the NSA on this list :)

if they intercepted everything, there wont be much of a need to decrypt it.
they could watch it going in plaintext <tls or hidden services traffic
excluded> to the exit nodes, and use timing attacks and get a pretty good
sense of where its headed.
its not easy, and i cant claim they can actually do that, but thats the
risk, and its out of the scope of the Tor threat model.
there is a video somewhere of bill binney talking about this approach...
somewhere being youtube, but i cant look for it now.

a second guess would be going after 1024 bit keys.
there is also a video on youtube from a recent con about the feasibility of
factoring them, <"fast hacks" or something like that> at the end, jacob
applebaum asks about it and they advise him to use longer keys or elliptic
curves crypto.

exciting times :)
if you think im wrong, abuse is welcomed, constructive abuse that is :)

On 04/04/2013 06:38 AM, cmeclax wrote:

If the NSA intercepted all Tor traffic, how fast could they decrypt
it? What are
they up against when trying to break Tor?
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