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[tor-talk] Roger's status report, Mar 2013

Five things I did in March 2013:

1) Released Tor

2) Attended the "tech@state" conference in DC, where various groups
that the US State Dept is funding got together to talk. I was on a panel
about circumvention technology. Every time I go to DC there are literally
scores of people that it would be useful for me to spend more time with;
now I know why so many people end up moving there.

3) Briefed SponsorF on know what we've been up to in the past few months.

4) Started to explain Tor's ecosystem to Tom (our new project
coordinator). Mainly I started walking him through who's on the people
page, and also explained all the hats I wear and we discussed which are
smartest to try to give away.

5) Reviewed PETS papers. Several of them are Tor-related and are
getting in. I'm shepherding two. More news once the 'accepted papers'
list comes out.


Five smaller-but-still-useful things I did too:

6) Attended the dev meeting in Boston with everybody else. I am
particularly excited about the possibility of finally getting nightly
builds going.

7) Did a guest lecture about Tor and circumvention for the CS security
class at Drexel University.

8) Did a guest lecture about Tor and circumvention for UW Madison:
Also met with Tom Ristenpart about running a fast exit relay at Madison
(they have many gbits of unused bandwidth, if only Tom can wave his dead
chicken while chanting "it's for a research project").

9) Helped move forward a plan for getting user support mails off of
the tor-assistants list, and onto the help@xxxxxxx list. The current
interim plan is that we'll bounce-to-help support mails that arrive to
tor-assistants, and after a few weeks we'll assess how it's going. (I
want to keep using the tor-assistants list for synchronization between
developers when talking to external parties.)

10) Agreed to do a talk at PETools:


Three of my April 2013 plans:

1) I was substantially offline from March 28 through April 7. Woo.

2) I've been bad at letting jobs@xxxx mails pile up (since we don't have
anybody whose job is to handle jobs).

3) Get my todo list back in working order.

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