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[tor-talk] geoip6

Can someone tell me if I have to do something about geoip6 warnings?

I've got a bridge relay running from a vista x64 machine. As with the
past few TBB versions I'm still getting occasional message-log warnings:

"Failed to open GEOIP file C:\Users\,<acctname>\AppData\Roaming

\AppData\Roaming\tor doesn't exist, nor does the subfolder
\geoip6, as I'm running the bridge from from TBB installed on a USB
stick. The installation seems correct, my geoip is in the data
directory as usual. As far as I can tell the bridge is connecting to
circuits as it should (though it's not carrying as much traffic as

I did find some discussion in bug tracker, but it's months old and
doesn't suggest anything that I can do.

So, do these warnings even apply to my relay installation? Can I
just ignore them?
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