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Re: [tor-talk] Family path selection

On 13.04.2013 20:10, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
> Seems to explain it better; like I would expect it to work. Only if two
> relays declare family with each other they will be excluded from being
> in the same path.


> I mean I assumed it would work in the way that "A" AND "B" declare
> family with each other and if they do they get excluded form the same
> path, rather than just "A" declaring family with "B" leading to the same
> result. I looked into the path-specification, but didn't get
> enlightened. A, for me, understandable explanation was "hidden" in the
> dir-specification as I didn't expect to find something about families in it.

You can file a ticket against the path-spec, and suggest a change. :)

Moritz Bartl
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