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[tor-talk] tails_htp additions - was: secure and simple network time (hack)


it may or may not be of interest.

I expanded tails_htp with bash scripts for Whonix.

- starting tails_htp every hour after a sane random delay to avoid
fingerprinting from ISP view
- intrusive notification if it fails after boot
- non-intrusive notification if it succeeds after boot
- intrusive notification if it fails when running every hour (never
happened so far unless test wise included network problems)
- no notification if it succeeds every hour
- combined graphical and text user interface for manual execution with
status report
- supervising tails_htp (if script wouldn't run at all, no pid, anything
what could in theory go wrong will be caught) - never caught a bug yet

The files are linked here:

Works very well. Thanks for tails_htp!

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