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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

> Yelp is based in San Francisco. So is Pinterest. Getting the Wikimedia
> Foundation (also based in San Francisco) to come over would be a huge
> victory, IMO.

I'd bet there is room for some one day presentations in the big
corporate cities, sf, nyc, chi and so on. Find the businesses
and invite them.

>> Noticed a recent surge of sites using CloudFlare.
> They don't
> block Tor per se, they rate limit connections/request per IP address.

I seem to be denied with them, but that could be the apparrent
effect of a stern rate limit. So I need to do better and copy the
message/screens to the list. I often give up though.

> While I don't agree with this model, it seems consistent with how they
> treat Tor. I can connect to cloudflare sites by forcing circuits to
> exit through non-busy exit relays just fine.

Tor is already slow. So though silly, a rate limit is probably better
than a universal Tor block.

My main issue with sites that are Tor aware and then take action
against Tor nodes specifically, is that most seem to say
they get attacks, spam, illegal stuff from Tor. While true, that
is a drop in the pond when compared to from the internet at large.
Yet they don't block the internet, the coffee shops, the cable
ranges, Romania, etc. It's the being dumb about the net and the
kneejerk and the push to privacy destroying phone based auth.

Hopefully with some group talks maybe some good will happen.
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