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Re: [tor-talk] NSA supercomputer

On 19.04.2013 16:43, grarpamp wrote:
Oh! The Romantic Life of a Beancounter.
How about The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia? Does that get listed in
the Congress debate for budget?

Ever see Indiana Jones? Somewhere in that giant warehouse
is the answer you seek. Bring your beancounters and be sure
to pack a lunch :) Suffice it to say, something like that might
fall under executive branch discretionary funds which, assuming
a closed system, have to roll up somewhere in the ledger.
We have some surplus cots and a nice deli next door if you
need more time :)

Last time I have checked Indiana Jones is a franchise ready to squeeze the last penny out of a guillable child. I'll honor them with my time once they place it under GPL v3 or at least some Creative Commons license.
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