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[tor-talk] CloudFlare

grarpamp at gmail.com 
I reply to the digest which contains the subject "grarpamp at gmail.com "  I clicked "reply" but recongizing that's not a useful title, I cut and paste a relevant subject.  All additional dethreading is caused by the mail server.    

I noticed this dethreads so I posted the name in the subject because I noticed the dethreading and I also figure it's likely no one else is interested in this topic and so might wish to skip over it.   It is not meant as antagonistic toward anyone but the opposite: to warn those uninterested that they might not wish to read the exchange. 

You are not required to reply if you don't wish to do so. However, if you do wish to reply, feel free to provide guidance on how to not dethread when one is responding to digests. I have no idea how to accomplish that.

Sat Apr 20 00:45:51 UTC 2013
> Dethreading replies and putting people's names in the subject is
> not good mail form and is also quite possibly antagonistic, either
> of which is unlikely to yield a response, particularly the latter.
> Try not to do that :)

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