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Re: [tor-talk] How safe is smartphones today?

Mike Perry:
>> Many people use TOR or secure ways to chat on smartphones.
>> The last months have reveiled how hard secret services attack our phones.
>> This leads me to the question, how secure are our smartphones at all?
> Not very, or not at all, depending on your threat model.

That made me wonder. What are the risks involved using a Tails PC and
getting online through a 3G clean Android smartphone with no apps
installed or Google accounts activated tethered through USB?

Or better yet: who can see what?

I read the hardware is rigged (Samsungs), you wrote about the software
being rigged (the ability to remotely install apps), and surely the
phone company can do a lot of tricks from the early days of GSM. So is
it crazy to route Tor traffic through such a gateway?

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