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Re: [tor-talk] TBB 3.5.4 says I should upgrade

On 4/9/2014 4:52 AM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 09:32:08AM +0000, antispam06@xxxxxxx wrote:
I downloaded the right archive and overwrote the existing folder
(3.5.3). Restarted and the yellow triangle is still there. On the upper
right corner it's written 3.5.4, yet the welcome page says:

HOWEVER, this browser is out of date.
Am I doing something wrong?
Yes, you're not supposed to overwrite your TBB.


Should be fixed in an upcoming TBB 3.6.x release.

Should the Torbutton dialog from browser nav bar state (in effect), "Click here to update?" Would it be better said, "Click to download the latest bundle / package?" Indicating to many users, it will download & automatically install an update over the top of existing version, as regular Fx does? True, that takes one to the bundle download page (vs. automatically starting an upgrade process), which may further confuse users.

Also, if a recent TorBrowser version exists, when the installer runs, if an installation path w/ a previous version present, should the installers really be saying, "The destination directory already exists. You can try ot upgrade Tor Browser, but if you run into any problems, use a new directory instead." ?

That clearly sends the msg that upgrading over the top can be done. If that should not ever be done under any circumstances, the installer probably shouldn't allow it. For TorBrowser, the phrase "installed" is used, but it's not technically installed, according to Windows definition.
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