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[tor-talk] Tails on virtual machine.

Hello experts!
I had troubles running Tails as main boot on live dvd, because the internet always failed and disconected after few minutes. Even with or without spoofing my mac adress. I really don't understand why it happens.
But, running Tails on virtual machine (VMWare), it runned fine. I kown I am vulnerable trusting on my Win 8.1 as host, but I don't now any other way. 
tails.org says at https://tails.boum.org/doc/advanced_topics/virtualization/index.en.html
"There are a few security issues with this approach though.
When running Tails inside a virtual machine, both the host operating system and the virtualization software are able to monitor what you are doing in Tails.
The main issue is if the host operating system is compromised with a software keylogger or other malware, which Tails does not provide any protection against– in fact, that is impossible.
Moreover traces are likely to be left on the local hard disk.
As such, this is only recommended when the other alternative is not an option or when you are absolutely sure that your host system is clean."
The questions are:
1. How can I be sure my host system is clean from KGB keyloggers, STASI spywares, NSA malwares, MOSSAD rootkits... that sees my pc screen? With HIPS? With Avast + firewall + Combofix + TrueCrypt?
2. How Truecrypt can salve me from the black hats forensic society?
3. Supposing I choose 0.001 gb for my virtual hd, what traces can be left on my host hd? Where  do I wipe out and burn then forever and ever?
Marcos Kehl (Brasil)

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