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[tor-talk] Fwd: [guardian-dev] Orbot v15 beta 1

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From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: guardian-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [guardian-dev] Orbot v15 beta 1
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 13:13:51 -0400

Orbot v15 beta 1 is functionality complete. Beyond the new purple
background, the "Apps" VPN mode and "Bridges" setup support directly
available on the main screen are the main obvious changes. Underneath,
there is the latest Tor 0.2.6 release, along with Meek and Obfs4
pluggable transports.

The main area for testing is using the Apps VPN mode while switching
networks and/or in bad coverage, as well as using it in combination with
Meek or Obfs4, for example. Also, the implementation is bit different
between Android 4.x and 5.x, so please report any difference you might
see there.

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v15.0.0-BETA-1.apk
SIG: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v15.0.0-BETA-1.apk.asc

SRC: https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/tag/?id=v15-beta-1

/** 15.0.0 Beta 1 / 3-Apr-2015 /
989d43aca7d999c413ba23ae4ebdcac72fb0f9c5 **/

6fd6a5a tune first-time experience (No more wizard!)
b318e6b update tun2socks binaries
cd303bd commit to latest dev head
a2e84b8 fix JNI build info
398ff17 remove browser view handlers in manifest
75426bb Improve VPN service support - fix network switching handling We
now refresh the VPN and tun2socks interfaces when the network 
d14dabb update tun2socks shared libraries
6d15a46 update jni build documents
ab8f8f1 update build path for tun2socks
7774ca3 remove old embedded badvpn_dns
2724551 tag badvpn to latest
39ce7f1 improved clean-up, shutdown of Tun2Socks and VPN service
b1d46e2 use getbridge email instead of web, as it makes more sense for
users in censored/filtered locations to send an email than to a
9d83a5b update app vpn warning
26aeb67 updating string resources / localizations
7dd4949 update jsocks with reduced debug output
8493259 new helper activities for Apps and Bridge setup
150488d fixes for onboot logic and handling
8c5b38e more UI clean-up, removing old wizard code
7b830a0 remove HTTP proxy for VPN - not needed anymore!
6a7c593 a little bit of code re-org and new package for wizard
1a66924 update ant build for new external jsocks
9393928 add jsocks external modules and project
e30c78b remove jsocks from main code and move to external/jsocks
784c1c1 peg external to jsocks commit

More here: https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/tree/CHANGELOG

  Nathan of Guardian
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