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Re: [tor-talk] Hi!

Well in short, I used TOR to create and run HYIPs ("investment" programs that offer outrageous returns - Ponzis), various programs during about 8 years. Using e-currency (e-gold, libertyreserve, perfect-money, e-bullion etc). Cashing out e-currency with anonymous debit cards or bank accounts opened online with false scans (documents, photosop!). Net profit about 10 millions bucks. All runing through TOR!

But this isn't possible so easy now, due to bank controls.. At the good old time, debit cards allowed, in "good" countries, withdrawals of thousands of bucks every day... Ah I remember the bags full of cash, LOL!

Thank you TOR, thank you e-gold (founders got arrested), libertyreserve (founders got arrested), ebullion  (founder got arrested for murder and is now sitting in death row), perfectmoney (still running but they are friends and got a nice percentage in exchange of they close their eyes)))

Sure that isn't of a high morality level, but look: People decided by themselves to send me money, expecting to get 100% return by month (My average promised rate :)

As somebody said, one idiot gets born every minute...

> I'm writing about Tor for my Ethics module. Do you guys mind if you tell
> me some malicious uses with Tor? Anything will be of great help. Yeah I
> already know of the basic or common use cases. :)

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