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[tor-talk] Any free email service can work with Tor


I used to subscribe a few mailing lists with mail.ru mailboxes.
Today they blocked all my email accounts which were only connected through Tor.

fetchmail: IMAP< A0002 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Access to "myusername@xxxxxxx" denied because your password has been compromised. Please log in to your mailbox at https://e.mail.ru/ and follow instructions.

Then I tried to log in their web mail, but it requires me to receive a
SMS message.

Recovering access to myusername@xxxxxxx
We suspect that your mailbox has been hacked.

To recover access, enter and confirm your phone number with the code sent in an SMS message.
We also recommend that you review this information, which will help you protect yourself from being hacked in the future. 

Is there any other free email service provider that can be used with Tor?
Of course, I had tried GMail, they did the same thing before I switched to
Mail.ru, and Mail.ru worked for a few years until today. I only sent
less than 10 emails per week from those Mail.ru accounts, most of the
time I just need them to receive mails from mailing lists.

Any help would be appreciated.

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