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[tor-talk] Any free email service can work with Tor


Those of you wanting to run relays on VPS but find unable
to perhaps due to bandwidth cost or policy issues,
or really anyone who wants to contribute to diversifying
for the anonymity and privacy ecosystem....

Consider learning to setup and run that VPS/hardware as
an independent mail provider, even under a formation like llc
to be more official even if non profit. A postfix dovecot
box is easy to setup, publish the configs, policies, etc.

Deploy nodes of the other anonymous networks, xmpp,
irc, etc. Use it to demo and test replacement messaging
systems from old email. Lots of opportunities and options.

Actually I've been doing exactly that for some time now. I rent a VPS
instance for $5/mo and host my own email server using iRedmail, Prosody
for XMPP, and a Dash wallet all with hidden services on all the
necessary ports (110, 143, 587, 9999 and others). I connect to my mail
server to the hidden services ports and all that good stuff.

I'd be happy to help anyone reproduce what I've done on their own
instance if interested.

An out-of-the-box email device would be great, since many people do not know how to do much of the above.

This could also work for .onion services and would be much easier than following Mike Perry's recently posted walkthrough.

But to the OP's question, openmailbox.org has been pleasent, though they are still working some things out.


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