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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Hi guys,

What you explained is a little over my head. Also my capacities are very
limited at the moment. I will look into it, soon!


> Hi teor,
> You could run TorBirdy through its own instance of the tor client
> software, with a separate socks port.
> This  would avoid many of the issues you're trying to work around in
> b) and  c), as TorBirdy could happily send NEWNYM to its own client
> instance all  it liked. There is a slightly increased network load
> involved in  running two instances, and there could be security
> implications of  running separate tor clients - but mainly if their
> connections are  distinguishable.
> teor
> Good point. Then again you can do that with any application and tor.
> The main motivator is the use case for shared tor process. Tor itself
> encourages this use case by supporting multiple socks ports and
> isolation flags. Is it reasonable to expect everyone to run multiple
> tor processes to isolate the NEWNYM signal? It also raises the
> question of *how* they would issue the NEWNYM signal. A patch would
> involve adding a simple controller to TorBirdy. In some use cases it
> probably isn't even a concern to share NEWNYM. That is sometimes just
> a NEWNYM is fine, ignoring the problem of changing exit. So if a patch
> were created it should support both use cases: issue a NEWNYM or
> emulate it for shared use-cases?
> I think it might be too much to ask a tor process to issue NEWNYM to a
> specific isolation context. But given the shared-process use case is
> encouraged--is this a preferable solution?
> --leeroy
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