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Re: [tor-talk] Clarification of Tor's involvement with DARPA's Memex

Zenaan Harkness:
Something like
You can run that now.

Hm...  These from GNUnet's FAQ [0]:

Q. Is it possible to surf the WWW anonymously with GNUnet?
A. It is not possible use GNUnet for anonymous browsing at this
point. We recommend that you use Tor for anonymous surfing.

Q. How does GNUnet compare to Tor?
A. Tor focuses on anonymous communication and censorship-resistance
for TCP connections and, with the Tor Browser Bundle, for the Web in
particular. GNUnet does not really have one focus; our theme is
secure decentralized networking, but that is too broad to be called a

Possible red flag there.

Q. How does GNS protect against layer-3 censorship?
A. GNS does not directly help with layer-3 censorship, but it does
help indirectly in three ways:
 1) Many websites today....
 2) Existing layer-3 circumvention solutions (such as Tor) would
benefit from a censorship resistant naming system. Accessing Tor's
".onion" namespace currently requires users to use unmemorable
cryptographic identifiers. With nicer names, Tor and tor2web-like
services would be even easier to use.

Concerning this goal of finding ways to make onion services easier for average users to navigate, after a cursory Startpage search of GNUnet.org.... I think I'll pass. Thanks for that rather thoughtful suggestion.


[0] https://gnunet.org/faq-page#t10n2269


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