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Re: [tor-talk] Onionoo HS Added

On Sun, 26 Apr 2015 23:10:07 +0100
Thomas White <thomaswhite@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Current Fingerprint: BA81 407C BD61 CD15 E5D9 ADA9 5FA2 426F F34E 0FD4
> Master Fingerprint: DDEF AB9B 1962 5D09 4264 2558 1F23 39B7 EF10 09F0

hey, sorry to bother you Thomas.

your signed message doesn't seem to be valid: i requested and refreshed
both of the keys quoted from keyservers and imported them directly from
your website (https://thecthulhu.com/pgp-keys). it still doesn't
correctly verify in my email client or via GnuPG cli interface.

are you using a new key, or have you been compromised? your prominence
in this community makes me wary.


A9FF 2FE3 A171 FE53 AEC3 A0F9 72B5 44E0 4417 11B2

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