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Re: [tor-talk] Onionoo HS Added

teor <teor2345@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> * A HS equivalent to pastebin, or, possibly, 0bin (pastes are
> encrypted while stored, key is in URL, JavaScript (ugh) decrypts
> locally)
> * A HS where people can post documents or images or videos

FWIW, "carml pastebin" does a non-encrypted [*] version of these, on
ephemeral (or not if you save the keys) hidden services.

For example, "cat /some/file | carml pastebin" will set up a new
hidden-service for you with /some/file being served out of it. Support
for stealth-authenticated hidden-services is on its way, see this


You'd likely want correct MIME-types for the documents/images I guess,
which I don't think will work correctly at the moment. Pull-requests
always welcome, of course :)


[*] The adventurous can try the stealth-auth version, but you need a
particular branch of txtorcon for at least the "carml copybin" side to
work properly.


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