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[tor-talk] CloudFlare blog post (@bino and @Btfsplk)

Hi bino and joe

sent you both pm to cut answer to the list short:
>"Access Denied
>You don't have permission to access "http://www.estadao.com.br/"; on this server.
>Reference #18.d7633f17.1459485041.b1ec715 "
> Can you are access ?

yes, 20 times ciruitswitch clicking at green onion icon exitnode was {us} this time

>"We have blocked your IP from accessing our website because we have
>detected unnatural browsing behavior. Depending on the violation, the
>block could be temporary, but also permanent."

get through with same technic as above

Clicking at the green onion icon near the address bar is huge way faster rather than looking on "street/grass/palm"-signs pretending being no (ro)bot. Sometimes looking for alternatives with same information (look at search word-snippets) by search engines even in "cached modus" is as constructive.

Maybe this "onion clicking"-surfing is noticed as "malicious Tor use" but don't know and doubt that this kind of "traffic" is up to 94% of all users. And besides: Is there any difference between doing captchas manually or by bot? Isn't there a business model to pay someone one bug to do - lets say - 100 captchas manually and real criminals fake their id beforehand, oh wait i found one site (sorry don't want to make an ad here, it is just the first this searchenging provided, and it seems outdated):
So it is just an argument in favor for the Tor Team speaking with CF.
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