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[tor-talk] Innocent Seattle Exit Operators And Privacy Advocates Raided

Hi Coyo Stormcaller and Tor Talkers,

Coyo Stormcaller:
>You have to be ready for anything and everything. If you can, prepare
>for illegal raids. If you can't, move in and live with someone who can.

why should someone prepare for illegal raids? why should someone spend time on such thoughts
legal or illegal raids that is their exclusive power that is their game their rules they will win
the more they do such raids the more people will turn away even within their own rows
the more time a minority spend on an single person of the majority the less time they have left
people who loves freedom outnumber the others, always 
so time is on our side if we are organized we can add the time of any single person to our advantage
when someone is picked by a raid others can come to help in the form the one needs, others step in the place the one was
that is our game our rules we win
and Tor is anonymity it could wipe off all differences if it is what a user looks for e. g. it is neither black, nor white, nor red nor yellow or in between you can be man or woman or in between that is one thing what you can get out of Tor

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