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Re: [tor-talk] Traffic shaping attack

I'll comment about my previous message:

Recently admin of that service decided to shut it down. He told about
personal reasons like moving to another place where he will be unable to
get stable internet connection to manage his service. Users wrote that
two hours later after this announcement service went down. Onion
service disappeared permanently.

> I checked metrics for a long period of time:
> https://metrics.torproject.org/hidserv-rend-relayed-cells.html?start=2013-12-26&end=2016-03-25
> Note 5 short downfalls from September of 2015. All of them are decreasing
> of the total speed to 600 Mbits/sec. Are these downtimes of _that_ HS we
> speak about? I don't know. It looks as artificial as "we have only a
> single Tor HS with the speed linerly growing with time, while total speed
> of other HS sites (about 600 MBits/sec) is almost not changing."

I was right. Check new metrics link:
At the end of March when service went down speed drastically dropped from
1500 MB/s to about 700 MB/s. So, the single onion site consumed 800 MB/s.

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