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Re: [tor-talk] Sharing my OpenWrt Tor configuration

On 16-04-21 19:27:59, Rob van der Hoeven wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Two months ago I wrote an article named: Thoughts on Tor router
> hardware. 
> https://hoevenstein.nl/thoughts-on-tor-router-hardware
> In the article I described an ideal Tor router configuration and argued
> that having Tor on the router benefits both security and usability.
> Since the article I have been playing a lot with my OpenWrt router, and
> I think I now have a very nice configuration. I documented my
> configuration in a new article:
> https://hoevenstein.nl/my-openwrt-tor-configuration
> The OpenWrt configuration improves my network security and ..... made me
> remove Tor from all my computers. Yep, Tor on the router is the way to
> go for me.
> Enjoy the article,
> Rob
> https://hoevenstein.nl

Thank you so much for sharing this, highly appreciated!

Jonas Hedman 

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