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Re: [tor-talk] 1 Million People use Facebook over Tor

> It's like building a steel pipeline of Coca-Cola to a drought stricken
country and advertising that Coke is mostly composed primarily of water.

> Not exactly certain that 'grateful' is the right feeling here.
* Steel pipes can be copied for zero dollars* Various governments around the world are paying thugs to break 
their steel pipes to combat the child pornography, illegal activities, and 
dissident activities that flow over the pipes
* every news story about steel pipes is followed by the words "child pornography" 
and/or "ransomware" and/or "the daaaark web"

None of those things are true of steel pipes, but they are true of Tor's 
hidden services.

In other words, your analogy throws out every relevant detail of the subject at 
hand. Given that confusion I'm not sure I'd know how to feel, either.

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