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[tor-talk] Fwd: Russian FOSS activist arrested for extremist materials/Tor exit-node

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Date: Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 4:57 AM
Subject: Russian FOSS activist arrested for extremist materials/Tor exit-node
To: cypherpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dmitry Bogatov was arrested on the 6th of April: he became part of the
big penal case initiated by Russia’s Investigation Committee on
"incitations to mass riots" during the protest action that took place on
the 2nd of April in Moscow. According to the Investigation Committee,
Bogatov was publishing messages on the forum sysadmin.ru, inciting to
violent actions, for example, "he" was suggesting to bring to the Red
Square "bottles, fabric, gasoline, turpentine, foam plastic". According
to the Investigation, the experts had analyzed the text of these
messages and proved a "linguistic and psychological characteristics of
incitations to terrorism". However, Dmitry claims that he has nothing to
do with posting the incendiary messages.

Dmitry Bogatov, 25 years old, teaches maths in MFUA (Moscow Finance and
Law University) was a free and open source software activist
Dmitry was administrating a Tor exit node
from his house. In fact, the author of "incendiary messages" (called
"Airat Bashirov") was using Tor, and, by lack of chance, he used the ip
adress of Dmitry's exit node.

Dmitry's lawyer, Alexei Teptsov, presented videos from surveillance
cameras, that proved that, during the moments when the "incendiary
messages" were posted, Dmitry was away from his computer. He was coming
back from a fitness center with his wife, Tatiana, a genetician, and
then went to a supermarket, where cameras were also working. Moreover,
"Airat Bashirov", the author of the provocative messages, continues to
post on sysadmin.ru, while Dmitry is under arrest. The last post was
seen on the forum on April 11.

Dmitry will stay in pre-trial detention center until June 8 at least.
Now the Investigation is examining all his seized devices.

Dmitry Bogatov aka KAction, Russian free software activist and
mathematics teacher at Moscow’s Finance and Law University, arrested in
Russia and charged with extremism.

https://geektimes.ru/post/287944/ (russian)
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