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Re: [tor-talk] Syncing bookmarks

Most people don't need "bookmarks" if the nets
they're on have search portals they can safely use.

For more sensitive needing non local storage...
people routinely store their own encrypted blobs
on the overlay networks be it web file hosts,
or more exotic stores like IPFS, Tahoe-LAFS,
MaidSafe, blockchains, NNTP, etc...

Other than that, good old local file encryption
is probably your best bet.

If you're trusting any sort of crypto lib supplied
by the "bookmark" or storage provider, you're
doing it wrong.

ie: A webmail provider PGP mail javascript crypto library
loaded from them over https into your browser... not good.
The library must come from disinterested third party project
and be sig verified by you before you load into browser for
execution. If OpenPGP.js was shipped by the browser
vendors for use with third party webmail, that wouldn't
be as bad. But if the browser company is using it to
secure your "pocket" in their system, you're crossing
the trust streams again.

Choose whatever level of trust vs work vs risk suits you.
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