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Re: [tor-talk] Nice to meet you! / WhatsApp by Tor?

Em ter, 16 de abr de 2019 às 12:13, Cyaniventer <cyaniventer@xxxxxxxxxx>

> What is the point of doing all this?

The idea is privacy.

> Do you really wish to do this?


> You are going to give them your phone number and I really don't see
> any point of trying to hide your ip from them.

No, hiding the phone number is the easiest and I already have it ready.

> Anyways, imo you should just use orbot (probably dead) or something like
> that and route all your traffic using orbot vpn (it sets up a tunnel if
> you want to route other apps)

Is it enough to hide the IP from the source ???

> or whatever you want and set that vpn to
> `always on`. Idk what else you can do, also your first method of routing
> your traffic through your computer is not that good.

> If you are real serious about this thing then just setup a virtual
> machine and route all traffic from that vm through Tor. This is the
> best method that comes to my mind.
Could you give me more details?

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